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Madrid Food & Wine Tours

To truly understand a culture, one must dive deep into its gastronomy – and in respect to Madrid, there no city in Spain higher on the gastronomical charts for its traditional, yet contemporary, cuisine! A visit to San Miguel Market will introduce you to the everyday ingredients that grace the kitchens of local grandmothers, but wander without a tour guide and you’ll mis out on the history, culture and recipes that make each and every one of those ingredients unique. Or take a gastronomic walking tour of the old town, where you can discover the truly authentic and treasured culinary delicacies of Madrid (seasonal mushrooms, quality jamon iberico, local artesanal cheese or canned seafood – an experience not to miss). Mind you, regardless if you’re single, a couple, or part of a group, Madrid has ample amounts of activities designed for you.

Wine lovers are in good hands in the thriving capital. Although a wine by the glass can be found in any local bar, there are few that exhibit top quality wines from hand picked wineries dotting the peninsula. Why not enjoy a tour from a fellow wine lover who can expertly guide you to the top wine bars, restaurants conducting spot-on food and wine pairing, or a tour to local wineries inside the wine region, Vinos de Madrid? Vineyard and winery tours not only gets you out of the city and into the breathtaking countryside, especially during harvest, but it allows you a more personalized experience chatting up locals and savoring rustic cuisine. Take a tour of a boutique winery or two and you’ll discover some fantastic red and white wines, including ecological and natural wines. Most excursions include traditional lunches, either homemade or in an authentic local restaurant.

Below find our current list of recommended food and wine experiences to be enjoyed in and around Madrid. Or better yet, contact us for a Customized Tour just for you!


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