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Travel Agents and Advisors

Catavino takes enormous pride in our tailormade tours throughout Spain and Portugal, which is why we value agents so highly. With your savvy understanding of the client’s needs, and our 30+ years of combined experience, together – we will create the perfect experience.  

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Our Tours Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Ryan Opaz is the “wine guy” of Catavino, having spent over a decade touring, discovering and speaking about the lifeblood of Iberia. Ryan is not your “average guide”. His experiences, much like his personality, are dynamic, engaging and unforgettable. Sharing a wine with Ryan is not just curing a parched palate but sharing stories and experiences from his past 11 years searching out new flavors.

Tour Director

Since 2006, Ana Abreu has worked in luxury tourism for Signature Travel. Dedicated exclusively to Portugal, her passion is to find not only memorable experiences for her clients, but hidden treasures off the traditional tourism route. Ana prides herself on her efficiency, accuracy, reliability and consistency. “If there’s one thing the Portuguese do well, it’s hospitality, and I’m no exception. From the moment you step off that plane, I want to ensure you’re falling in love with my country.”

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