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Video: The Stunning Landscape of Lisbon and Sesimbra, Portugal

SesimbraSummer is almost coming to end. The leaves are just starting to change ever -so-slightly. The air is cooling. And offices around Europe are coming back to life.

Here at Catavino, we’re enjoying this last week of fabulousness before coming on the grid full-time in September. Come September, ensuring that you have loads of great content at your fingertips.

That said, we all need a bit of fun, and we found a cool article while lounging about that’s focused on one of our favorite cities, Lisbon. Ukraine born Kirill Neiezhmakov recently posted a timelapse video of Lisbon and Sesimbra that made us smile! To be honest, we were so impressed with the gorgeous imagery and stunning quality that we asked Kirill to share a bit about himself and the motivation behind the project. Thank you Kirill for creating something for us all to smile at! (photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões)


What inspired you to do a time lapse of Lisbon? 

I shot this when I came for the “Finisterra 2014” film festival award ceremony in Sesimbra. The category was “Best Timelapse”, and my video was the “Moscow 2014 Hyperlapse“. I extended my trip a bit and visited lIsbon which totally impressed me. Not to mention, I couldn’t find many timelapse videos on Portugal, which was a great motivation to do one!

What was the most exciting things you discovered about the city while making it? 

One example is the Oceanarium, which was amazing. I also enjoyed many old buildings, a well as the extremely long bridges. But most of all, the Portuguese people who are very kind. Ask any bus driver for directions, and they’ll be happy to help out!

What shots were hard to figure out how to frame? 

Some night shots in Lisbon were challenging because we needed to come back to Sesimbra, our home, at a reasonable hour, and as transportation from Lisbon to Sesimbra stops at 22:00, it was difficult.

Outside of the time spent filming the city what did you discover that excited you? Food? Wine? History? 

The food and wine was delicious in Portugal, especially during the film festival when we visited several restaurants and cellars. I was really impressed.

How long did it take for you to film it? Then how long did it take to edit it? 

I spend about 5 days shooting and about 2 weeks editing.

Portugal Hyperlapse/Timelapse (Lisbon & Sesimbra) from Kirill Neiezhmakov on Vimeo.

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