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WBW #38 – Portuguese Table Wines Wrap-Up!!!

Whew! You’d think we ran a marathon with the amount of sweat and tears we’ve put into Wine Blog Wednesday #38: Portuguese Table Wine, but the effort was completely worth it. WBW was a complete success directly as a result of your participation with us at Catavino! So thank you. We also thank Lenn for placing us on the long list of distinguished WBW hosts!

Our basic instructions asked you to find a Portuguese Table Wine that wasn’t Madeira or Port – essentially, avoiding anything sticky and sweet. Beyond that, we challenged you to explore wines that weren’t from the Vinho Verde region or from the Douro.

Overall, it appears as if Portugal was a huge hit as a quality wine region, influencing many of you to conduct further research into specific regions, grapes and wineries. However, the majority also found our WBW theme quite challenging, not only because Portuguese wine outside of the Douro or Vinho Verde are hard to come by (hence, why we included the PDF), but also because Portuguese wine in general has had little coverage outside of…well…Portugal. Consequently, I can only hope that Importers are listening, because as proven by this months theme, there is an untapped market just waiting to be discovered!

From the beginning, we’ve been eluding to a surprise in our wrap-up, something different and unexpected. We’ve designed a MAP! With a few notable exceptions, we’ve included a map with markers on all the wineries you’ve written about. Our goal is simple, we want to give you a visual representation as to the diversity and complexity of Portuguese wine. Thus, please take the time to browse the map and see if you can’t find a wine that might peak your interest. After you’re finished exploring, we also have a list of all the participants (bonus regions first! ;)) with links to their articles. We hope you enjoy this non-conventional look at WBW and the region we chose.

To be honest, we tend to scan WBW wrap-ups simply because the content is overly condensed. Reading about 30+ wines without any contextual clues such as location doesn’t necessarily create meaning for us; whereby blurring it into a mass puddle of thematic wines reviews. That is why we wanted to create a meaningful dialog with each wine reviewed. Since you took the time and effort to find it, the least we could do is put it into a format that’s educational.

Our map allows you to find submissions based on the winery’s location! Additionally, because each pin is coded by region, you can receive a general understanding as to where both regions and wines are located. So instead of saying, “Jane at Blog X gave us a great recommendation for wine from the Ribatejo”, you can read a cross-section of tasting notes from that region!

A few caveats before you begin exploring. Remember that when you come across a huge conglomerate like Sogrape, although I did my best to find the general location for each label, I typically fell short and relied on the address provided. Therefore, you may find several pins of different regions in one area, signifying the location of their main headquarters.

Second, as much as I would have liked to put all of Alder’s wines on the map, there was just no feasible way. He’s a Portuguese tasting fool with the amount of fabulous wine suggestions he’s provided for us – a few dozen to be exact! So rather than having you bounce all over the map, I’m suggesting you go straight to Vinography for some fun ideas on other Portuguese wines you might want to explore.

Third, I only included the bare essentials for each pin, such as the producer, name of the wine, vintage and tasting note. However, every pin is linked to the original blog post, so please don’t hesitate to jump over to their site for more information!

Lastly, a new social tasting note site has recently been launched right here on the Iberian Peninsula called, Adegga. Considering we fit the bill of being an Iberian wine company, it’s appropriate that we support this three man crew; so we’ve asked Adegga to place a link on the bottom of each pin. Click on the link and you’ll be directed back to the wine on their site where you can enter a tasting note. The clincher is that Adegga is still in Beta, which means that in order for you to register and support them, you will need an invitation. Fortunately, we have copious amounts of them just waiting to be solicited for. Just drop us an email – Both our first names will work in conjuction with Catavino.net

View Wine Blog Wednesday #38 – Portuguese Table Wines in a larger map
Key to Regional Pins

Alentejo = Blue Tear
Bairrada = Purple Tear
Beira = Green Tear
Dao = Magenta Tear
Douro = Light Blue Tear
Estremadura = Red Tear
Vinho Verde = Green Pin
Terras do Sado = Yellow Pin
Ribatejo = Magenta Pin
Palmeda = Light Blue Pin


Bobb Gregg: Quinta da Pinheira Tinto 2003
Cheap Wine Ratings: Vinha Do Monte 2001
Purple Liquid: Periquita Classico 2001 by José Maria da Fonseca
Recently Consumed: Quinto do Carmo Vinho Regional 2000
Rouge and Blanc: Monte das Ânforas Tinto 2006
Vinomadic: Don Martinho 1992, Don Martinho 1991, Quinta do Carmo 1996
Corkheads: Herdade Outeiro de Esquila, Dignitas Reserva 2003
Celebrate-Wine: Cortes de Cima 2001
Delong Wine: JP Ramos Trincadeira 2005
Strumerika: Eugenio Fundacao de Almeida Cartuxa Evora Alentejo 1999

Vino da Burde: Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede, Marquis de Marialva Reserva 2001
Wine Scamp: Ramos Pinto, Marques de Borba 2005

Best Drink Ever: Joao Pato Touriga Nacional 2005
Rouge and Blanc: Pedra do Urso 2003
Troy Fitrell: Castelo Rodrigo Touriga Nacional 2004 by Adega Cooperativa de Figueira Castelo Rodrigo

Cheap Wine Ratings: Grão Vasco 2004
Tales of a Sommelier: Quinta dos Roques Reserva 1999
Lenndevour: Casa de Santar Dao Reserva 1999
Recently Consumed: Escanção Vinho Tinto Reserva 2001
Doktor Weingolb: Quinta do Roques Reserva 2003
Winecaste: Quinta dos Grilos Vinho Tinto 2004
Second Leaf: Sogrape Duque de Viseu Tinto 2001
Serge the Concierge: Quinta dos Carvalhais, Duque de Viseu Tinto 2002
Spittoon: Quinta dos Carvalhais, Duque de Viseu Tinto 2002
Troy Fitrell: Adega Mayor Touriga Nacional 2005
Algarve Buzz: Outono de Santar 2003
Patti and Cornell Anderson: Alvaro Castro 2004


Winecaste: DFJ Vinhos Grand’ Arte 2005
Wino-Sapien: Casa Santos Lima Quinta Das Setencostas
Troy Fitrell: Quinta da Cortezia Touriga Nacional 2004


Wanna Be A Wino: Casa Ermelinda Freitas, Quinta da Mimosa Red Wine 2002

Vino da Burde: Quinta de Logoalva De Cima Reserva 2001

Terras do Sado
Domaine 547: So Touriga Nacional 2003
Recently Consumed: Quinta de Catralvos Lisa 2005
Wine Scamp: João Soares Messias Colheita 2005
Passionate Foodie: Domingos Soares Franco Coleccao Privada Touriga Nacional 2003

Good Wines Under 20: Adriano Ramos Pinto 2005
Recently Consumed: Dows Vale Do Bomfim Duoro Reserva 2004
Behind the Vines: Tonal 2005
Surf 4 Wine: Quinta do Infantado 2004
Fork and Bottle: Quinta do Crasto Reserva Old Vines 2005
Pattie and Cornell Anderson: Altano 2004

Vinho Verde
Brooklyn Guy Loves Wine: Antonio Esteves Ferreira Alvarinho Soalheiro 2006
Vino da Burde: Vidigal 2006
Behind the Vines: Encostas Do Lima 2005
Delong Wine: Quinta de Cavela Colheita Seleccionada 2001
Smartsco: Quinta da Aveleda *more regional review than TN
Kathleen Lisson: Catarina Vinho Regional Terras Do Sado, a Vinho Branco 2005

Bloggers Who’ve Promised to Drink Portuguese Wine On Another Date (sometimes, there just isn’t enough time time to get to it!)
Wine Girl
Dr Vino
Huevos Con Vino

Running Stats (We say running because they still keep coming in 🙂

Bloggers Participated = 34
Non-Bloggers Participated = 2
Wines Tasted = 62

We hope you enjoyed this month and please feel free to keep us informed of your future Iberian wine tastings!

Gabriella and Ryan

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