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Pinot impossible in Burgundy over next 50 years

At a big conference in Barcelona last week, winemakers and experts alike looked at the problem of global warming and its effects on both Spanish wine and wine from around the globe. Some interesting ideas came up and this article […]

Vermouth – Straight up!

When I worked in my liquor store back in the States, I became enamored with old, long lost cocktails that once held a place in the better bars around the world. I studied the Martini, originally 4 parts red vermouth […]

TN – 3 wines of Mayor de Migueloa

Editors note: Continuing with the second of two new writers today we have Craig Donofrio who splits his time between South Carolina and New Jersy! I really hoped to find someone like Craig who could help me keep up to […]

Calling all 100 Varietal Club Members

Neat conversation going on over at the Mark Squires Bulletin Board. A member of their site posted a request for the translation of certain wine grapes into English. For example, Sauvignon Blanc translates into Savage White. I need to do […]

Grape Profile – Touriga Nacional

Common Names: Touriga Nacional, Mortágua – A small berry varietal capable of producing dark tannic wines, rising to become the star player in the historic Port wines of Northern Portugal. Port wine is typically described as having an inky, dense […]

TN – Laurona and Clos Figuera’s Wines

Some of my loyal readers will no doubt remember my interview last year with the well known Christopher Cannan of Europvin. I mention this because at Alimentaria, I was able to talk with him again and taste through some of […]

New Wine Blog – The Pour by Eric Asimov

The New York Times jumps into the wine blog arena, and for their first article, they picked a Spanish wine! López de Heredia’s Rose from La Rioja is given a nice little write-up. Check it out and add another wine […]