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Interview with Barcelona Food Journalist and Author: Tara Stevens

Editor’s Note: Tara Stevens is a well known name in the Barcelona food world, both by expatriate readers of the popular English-language magazine Barcelona Metropolitan, as well as by locals who hound her incessantly for a review of their new joint. Knowing Tara personally, it’s funny to me when she comes up in conversation. Everyone claims to know her. Tara says that she’s used to people using her name, but what most readers in the city don’t realize is that the width and breadth of her knowledge, experience, and skill goes way beyond the pages of our beloved local publication. “Has she cooked for you yet?” a friend of Tara’s asked me at a recent restaurant opening, a sly smile on her face. “Wait until […]

Portugal Through the Eye of a Camera: Interview with Videographer Matty Brown

Editor’s Note: Today, we are featuring a young passionate videographer located in the USA, Matty Brown. Matty has created several works on Iberia, but has passionately spoken of his deep love with Portugal. With our impending move westward, we wanted to get Matty’s feedback on what calls him back year after year. Can you give us a little intro as to who you are? My name is Matty Brown, and I am a visual storyteller and a freelance filmmaker. I create moving portraits of life around me: the mundane and the exhilarating alike. I have been making videos since I was five, after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco inspired me to be a filmmaker and to think differently and creatively about […]

Red Grape

Catavino Begins Cultivating a New Writer: Hello Baby!

Time for the big announcement, something that will make our wine tastings a touch more exhilarating. We both are very excited, and proud, to announce that the Opaz family is soon to be “Plus One”. Shocked? Well, so are we! Life is about to get a bit more challenging and a whole lot more rewarding. In all honestly, we figured we needed a little extra adventure in our lives, and a baby alone just doesn’t cut it. Where’s the challenge?! Instead, we’ve upped the ante by choosing to: Have a baby Move to a new country Learn a new language Build a new business Create a new community What? Too much? Nah, we’ve tackled this level of insanity before, and we’ll do it […]

John Radford: A Spanish Wine Writer who will be Missed

We are incredibly sad to announce the passing of one of the great Spanish wine writers, John Radford. Having written dozens of articles and books on Spanish wine for over 20 years, his passing has come as a huge tragedy. John’s desire to share his passion in wine began in the early seventies with a lecture series and column. By 1981, his wine column was syndicated to all local dailies throughout the UK in the Coventry Evening Telegraph; but it wasn’t until 1989 that John was commissioned by ICEX, the Spanish Embassy Commercial Office in London, to write the trade/press textbook for Spanish wines The Spanish Wine Education Notes. His very first book on Spanish wine was published in 1998, which  not only became […]

Documentary Teaser on the Spanish Wine Region of Arribes

Zev Robinson is at it again; but then again, he never really stopped. While Zev is currently filming a documentary on Catavino, or so we think, he’s also been covering various regions across the peninsula including the Douro valley, Rioja, Jerez, and Arribes – a wine region which borders Portugal to the west. If you ask Zev what his end goal is with his various documentaries, it’s entertaining to see him scramble for words, as his aim is broad reaching and very personal. He adores listening to people share their experiences, their emotions, perspectives and desires. He appreciates the diverse and changing landscape from one region to the next, while learning how each affects both the people and the culture. […]

Changing Behaviors and Admitting You Are Wrong – Life Lessons

Today’s post is inspired by reflection based on an unintentional mistake. Here at Catavino, and the money making arm of our company, Catavino Marketing, we spend the majority of our time showing wineries how change can alter their current conditions. For example, simply by talking to consumers online, they can sell more wine, rather than ignoring them and expecting their retailers and importers to do the work. Or just by setting up a twitter account, they might build greater loyalty within their customer base. The key is to think differently, trying something new that might not be comfortable. But in order to achieve this goal, you must throw aside your pride and admit that your ideas are not the only ones […]

Portugal Overcomes Pride to Acknowledge an Unexpected Wine Leader

Last year, I wrote an article on how Spanish and Portuguese wineries could succeed online. I mentioned words such as passion, culture, adaptability and history, which are all powerful reasons why Iberian wineries have a chance to succeed in Social media, but I’m afraid it’s not enough. I left out a key word that holds most of us back from succeeding, fear. Fear that if they try something and fail, everyone will laugh or pity them. Pride is extremely important in Iberia, often times dictating someone’s decisions and actions. From having your plumber blame the mold in your bathroom on your “poor cleaning”, as opposed to his poor grouting efforts, to the winery that won’t sell you their wine because […]

Rick Fisher: New American Based Writer for Catavino

The passions of Spain’s past, present, and future run through my veins as sure as great juice flows daily from wine casks around the country. My grandfather was born in Sarrià, a small barrio in the northwestern part of Barcelona, in December 1909 during a time when street violence and church burnings strengthened the influence of the anarchists who would rule for decades. Generation upon generation of my ancestors traversed the roads and byways of the Spanish countryside – from Barcelona to Malaga; from Aragon to the Canary Islands. The news of my heritage had a profound effect on me from as early as I can remember; and although I resided in the heavily Spanish-influenced state of Florida during my […]

Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

Back when I was first starting to appreciate the wonderful offering of the world of wine, I bought myself some real, big wine glasses.  These giant transparent bowls resting gracefully on lengthy, slender stems welcomed me into the inner circle of wine appreciation.  I was there.  I was one of the few.  I knew what I was talking about. In actuality, I knew almost nothing about wine and was seldom able to temper my enthusiasm with enough wisdom to keep those enormous goblets filled to a reasonable level.  I remember so vividly my friend B. Saying ‘wow that is one big glass of wine’ as I handed him one of those new symbols of my evolution as a wine aficionado.  […]

Would you Like Some Tea with your Wine? The Undiscovered Perfect Pairing!

A few weeks ago, when organizing the London Food and Wine Blogger’s Gathering, I was asked whether Henrietta Lovell, owner of the Rare Tea Company, would be able to conduct a tea tasting during the wine tasting. My first reaction was that of astonishment, wondering who in their right mind would want to sip on a hot bitter tea after a glass of cava and before a sip of sherry? Wouldn’t that be rather, off setting? But the request continued to suggest that the tea tasting would teach us the subtle qualities of good tea, and its capacity to cleanse the palate, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and invigorated, as if nothing had ever touched your palate previously. Clearly, I […]