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Victor de la Serna

Spain and Portugal Tours

  • Lisbon Day Trip: Sesimbra / Azeitão

  • Andalucia: Spanish Culinary Classics Course

  • Penedes Wine Experience

Spain and Portugal Travel Guides

  • Spain: A Gourmet’s Travel Guide

    There are many stereotypes that exist about travel in Spain, and whilst we won’t reprimand those drawn to this enigmatic land by visions of sultry castanet-clicking senoritas or magnificent cape-wielding matadors in their trajes de luces, suffice to say there’s much more […]

  • Porto: A Gourmet’s Travel Guide

    Welcome to Catavino’s Gourmet Guide to Porto by guest writer Kathryn McWhirter, co-author ‘The Wine & Food Lover’s Guide to Porto’, which is due out (as book and ebook on Amazon) in summer 2013 OVERVIEW – TWIXT OCEAN AND MOUNTAINS […]