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Interview with Barcelona Food Journalist and Author: Tara Stevens

Editor’s Note: Tara Stevens is a well known name in the Barcelona food world, both by expatriate readers of the popular English-language magazine Barcelona Metropolitan, as well as by locals who hound her incessantly for a review of their new joint. Knowing Tara personally, it’s funny to me when she comes up in conversation. Everyone claims to know her. Tara says that she’s used to people using her name, but what most readers in the city don’t realize is that the width and breadth of her knowledge, experience, and skill goes way beyond the pages of our beloved local publication. “Has she cooked for you yet?” a friend of Tara’s asked me at a recent restaurant opening, a sly smile on her face. “Wait until […]

Interview with Seville Tour Operator: Shawn Hennessey

Editor’s Note: We’ve known Shawn for many years, one of the few bespoke tour operators who dove into social media headfirst. Having watched her fabulous efforts from afar, consistently hearing a stream of positive comments about her work – we finally decided to join forces and actively promote her through Catavino! We couldn’t be happier, and we trust you will be too! What is your background and how did you end up in Spain working in the tourism industry? After becoming disillusioned with my career in Toronto’s fashion industry, I came to Spain in 1993 (following a hunch that this was where I belonged) and spent the first 15 years teaching English. My involvement with the food and tourism industry […]

A Brief Interview with Robert M. Parker Jr. – Wine Bloggers and the Internet

Robert Parker is arguably the most powerful voice in the wine world, or at the very least in the  US wine world today. His point system, which is both heralded by some and scorned by others, nonetheless causes markets to shift and wines to sell. Personally, Robert Parker is also one of the reasons I first started to get interested in wine some 12 years ago. At the time, I read his books and often purchased the wines he rated well. Ironically, this exploration and education by Robert has led me to follow his suggestions less and to trust my own palate more when it comes to buying wines. (photo by gastromia y cia) As a result of new media […]

SITT Tasting in London and an Interview with Jamie Goode from the Wine Anorak

Yesterday, Ryan and I had the incredible opportunity of attending the SITT Tasting, also commonly known as the Speciality Importers Trade Tasting at the famed Vinopolis. Built around a Victorian Railway Viaduct, Vinopolis is situated at the world famous Borough Food Market in the bustling Bankside area, just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. The tasting itself is a business to business event, allowing small importers to showcase their wines to journalists, retailers, distributors, etc. Consequently, the wines featured are very unique, small production wines that are generally very hard to come by. And for two Iberian based wine journalists to taste unique grapes from Chile, rare blends from New Zealand and even old favourites from the Port […]

Catavino’s Favorite Trips of 2008 – It’s been a great Iberian Wine Year

At the end of the year, I can’t help but look back and ask myself, “Have I done enough in my life? Have I truly accomplished the goals I’ve set out for, or have I let them slip to the wayside getting snug and comfortable in my safe daily routine”? If I’ve fallen in the latter, I give myself a quick kick the keister and start taking more risks. This precious gift called “life” isn’t something to be messed with, and for me, one of the best ways to celebrate it, is by getting uncomfortable through travel. By stripping away normalcy and accepting the odd and unpredictable, I change, grow, evolve and see both life and myself differently. And as […]

Welcome Star Tribune Readers to Catavino, Our Humble Iberian Home!

Gabriella and Ryan would like to welcome all of you who read the recently published article in the Star Tribune, our hometown paper from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bill Ward, the Star Tribune’s wine and food writer, was kind enough to meet with Ryan, while sending some additional questions to Gabriella, in order to profile our entertaining and unexpected journey. Having just read the article, we feel that Bill did a great job overall, and despite some left out content and a few errors (such as the word el enchufe being misspelled as el enfouche), we’re ecstatic to have all of you join us from the Twin Cities. That said, we’d like to personally introduce ourselves and direct you to some of […] A Social wine site that is headed in the right direction

You can’t do it all at once. Life is a series of small steps. And if you believe that any project that kicks off today will have success tomorrow, well, be prepared for disappointment. This is my mantra to every client we take on, “Start your blog today, work on it, and eventually, if you invest enough of yourself, people will reward you by paying attention.” Clearly, our friends at Adegga, a Portuguese startup, are firm believers in this philosophy. Bootstrapping is when you start a business without venture capital, or a heavy investment, building instead, from good old elbow grease and a bit of self sacrifice. You look for help where you can find it, and you trade services […]

Interview with Miguel Torres

Seriously, we promise that this will be our LAST interview from the II International Conference on Climate and Wine. We realize that we may have exhausted your attention span with this, but we had to at least give you the opportunity to hear our recently edited video clip with Miguel Torres chatting about what Bodegas Torres is doing to be a more sustainable winery. We hope you enjoy the clip!

Oz Clarke’s Rant with Catavino

In January, for those of you who weren’t following our play by play of the II International Conference on Climate and Wine, Catavino spent three days cornering wine celebrities, in order to get a better sense as to how wine is being affected both now and in the future by the fluctuating climate conditions. Stubborn and wonderfully determined people such as Richard Smart, Bruno Prats, Miguel Torres, Pancho Campo, Carlos de Jesus of Amorim, Dr. Gregory Jones, and of course, Al Gore, all vented their fears and frustrations with the current lackadaisical attitude held throughout the wine world regarding the impact of climate on wine. Each passionate in their own right, but there was one in particular that I had […]

Interview with Paulo Amorim of ViniPortugal

Last month, when we were in Portugal for Essencia do Vinho, we had the fortunate experience of meeting Paulo Amorim, Vice President of ViniPortugal. Well, to be perfectly frank, we didn’t just “meet” Paulo, we were required spend several days glued to his side, since he was one of the organizers of our press junket. For the whole of the fair, and many days on either end of it, Paulo literally breathed the event. Every moment was spent consumed with its creation, organization and completion. For many, an event of this magnitude would be self destructive, but for Paulo, it was ecstasy. Because Paulo is not only a person devoted to Portuguese wine, but also someone who appears to have […]