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Elves, Fireworks and Festivities: How Bubbles found their Way into a Cava Bottle

The following effervescent legend is sponsored by our friends at CellarVie Wines which, with 400 wines from 16 countries, is a great place to buy Champagne and Cava online.

Sitting just below the Christmas tree, my nephew and I cuddle tightly in a ball, as I sip upon a glass of Cava. Snuggling deep into the thick cushions, his blond hair cascading across my lips, he smiles up at me and asks a a rather unsuspecting question, “Aunt Gabby, how did the bubbles get into the wine?”

“Well, that’s a brilliant question! How do you think the bubbles found their way into my glass?” I inquire, kissing his ridiculously soft forehead.

Furrowing his eyebrows, clearly deep in thought, he smiles deeply, “Well, maybe someone put them there!”

“Hmm, I guess that’s possible! But how?!”

Twiddling a small satin red ribbon between his tiny fingers, he nestles his head into my neck and whispers, “I’m guessing it has something to do with Elves and fireworks.”

“Elves and fireworks…hmmm, intriguing. And what would that process look like?”

“Well,” he pauses momentarily, “if sparkling wine is for parties, it’s gotta be fun, right?”

“Right” I smile, thoroughly enjoying his train of thought.

“Okay, so elves like parties, or else they wouldn’t be in charge of the presents. So if elves like parties, and Cava is for parties, then it would be their job to make something for adults on party days.”

“I like that idea, but where do the fireworks come in?”

Jumping out of our pretzel embrace, he stands before me, legs spread wide and responds, “Simple! They take a special Elf sparkler and light it. Then, they dip it into the wine and watch as the sparkles create bubbles. If they like a really really bubbly wine, they leave the sparkler in a long time, but if they want a light sparkling wine, they take it out right away. It’s so obvious!”

Quickly grabbing him by the waist, I pull him towards me and smile proudly. “That is an awesome way to get bubbles into a bottle. I never considered such fabulous reasoning! But do you think the elves enjoy the Cava too? I mean, they do have to ensure that their product tastes good, right?”

“Noooo silly! They’re too small to drink Cava yet. That’s totally Santa’s job, and that’s why he’s got the red nose!”

“Ah, clearly! What was I thinking?!”

“Aunt Gabby, you should know, plus you should have a little more. It’s the last party of the year and you can thank the Elves for their hard work.”

Squeezing him as tight as I could, I smiled deeply and answered, “Absolutely! I would be a very bad customer if I didn’t toast to the Elves for all their fabulous Elf sparklers.”

From all of us at Catavino, we wish you a fabulous New Year and raise our glasses to you and yours. And remember, Cava is not just for festive holidays, but for any day that calls for a little spring in your step. We wish our loyal readers a wonderful 2013 and thank you deeply for providing us such wonderful memories in 2012. We’ll be back very soon!


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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