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History of Jazz in Catalunya, Spain

Welcome to the Vi Jazz festival in Vilafranca del Penedés: balmy summer nights, free Jazz concerts galore, and abundant local wine in the historic center of this modest Catalán city of around 40,000 inhabitants. Dating back to the 12th century, Vilafranca is the economic engine and heart of the Penedés wine industry. While Penedés garners most of its international prestige from the crisp, bubbly cava that flows like rivers through the daily lives of the people of Catalonia, the region also produces whites, reds, and rosés of admirable quality. Interestingly, though wine takes center stage all year round in Vilafranca, on every first weekend of July, Jazz music from around the globe shares, if not dominates, the spot light. The […]

Barcelona Wine Shops: A Comprehensive Guide to Find your Ideal Spanish Wine

Every wine-producing country has its own pride and tradition and Spain is no different. In fact, a well stocked bodega here in Barcelona is often as overwhelming as it is inspiring, and the enterprise of picking a wine often becomes more challenging than merely selecting a price bracket. One must take the notion of “price equals quality” and throw it out the window, as Spain encompasses more hectares of vineyards than any other country worldwide and produces some of the best values in fine wine today. The current state of affairs in the Barcelona wine world are bright, with just a touch of gray in the lining. The public has become increasingly wine savvy, and the myriad of local merchants […]

The Best Tapas and Wine Bars in Madrid

If you’re eager to taste a wide variety of tapas in Madrid, the one main issue you will have is choosing where to go. Navigating the labyrinthine streets with bars that are absolutely packed with people on both sides of the streets, makes you pause in hesitation wondering which one is best? Well, here is a list of my personal favorites. Some have your traditional fare, while others are more dedicated to certain specialties, such as anchovies or croquetas. Either way, you can’t go wrong, and with tapas, the rule is to have one tapa here, and then mosey on to the next. MADRID CITY CENTER La Anchoíta – Jesús, 4 (Metro: Anton Martin) If you love anchovies, this is the […]

Part 2: Barcelona versus Madrid – An age old gastonomic rivalry

Editor’s Note: Today we would like to bring you Part 2 of Carla Bigio’s piece on what makes each Madrid the gastronomic giant of Spain. Click here to read Part I on Barcelona.  If I could describe Madrid in one word, it would be tradition. Tradition reigns, in the food, the service and the style. Polar opposite to Barcelona, capital of spontaneous bursts of creativity – Madrid has its moments – but you have to respect the pride in Madrid’s reluctance to stray from its heritage and roots. Only 3 months in, and I could tell that there is a completely different vibe in this spanning Metropolis. People here enjoy food, and they enjoy eating out. Just stroll through the […]

The Textures of Porto: What Makes a City Beautiful?

Have you ever struggled to see what someone else finds beautiful? “Look!” your partner says with a smile, “Isn’t that tree absolutely beautiful?!” Staring at the emaciated lopsided trunk with 3 blooming red flowers, you smile, “Yeah hon, it’s sweet, but not sure I’d call that beautiful.” “What do you mean? It’s stunning in this light? How could you not see it?” It’s hard to “see” what someone else sees, isn’t it? I say this because Ryan and I had a very similar experience of Porto. If I’m to be honest, I wasn’t ecstatic to move to a city known for its gray wet skies and gale force winds. Having spent many vacations in Maine as a child, I was perfectly […]

Part 1: Barcelona versus Madrid – An age old gastonomic rivalry

Editor’s Note: Today we would like to introduce Carla Bigio, a passionate chef based in Madrid. But her story is not so simple, originally from Madrid, from an Italian/Colombian mother and a Egyptian/Syrian father, she bounced around the world from the Bahamas to Switzerland before finding herself in the center of Spain whipping up dishes that lights her international soul on fire. Having spent a significant time in Barcelona and Madrid, we asked her feedback on what makes each city the gastronomic giant of Spain. Read Part 2 here. Barcelona-  One woman’s search for traditional food in the birthplace of Molecular Gastronomy From a tourist’s perspective, Spain is Spain, right?  Nothing could be farther than the truth. Barcelona, and Catalonia […]

GSMA Mobile World Conference: Tech Tips on How to Eat and Drink Well in Barcelona

Next week, Barcelona will be inundated with a digital waterfall of techies attending the largest mobile conference in the world. The GSMA Mobile World Conference attracts some 60,000 mobile players including mobile phone and tablet manufacturers, telecom operators, trade associations, service providers, app developers and amateurs developers who are keen to discover the next “must have” device for 2013. The #MWC13 is no small event, but despite the deluge of new tech prognostications hitting the interwebs, we’re rather skeptical that our tech friends will take the time to look up from their mobile units to ensure a delicious meal. That’s where we come in. Being that Catavino prides itself on its latest gadgetry, in hopes of taking that next 1 million […]

Guest Houses: The Perfect Accommodation in Spain and Portugal!

Despite the address on our mail, our soles rarely touch Barcelona soil. Have a conversation with us in Spanish, or Catalan, and you’re quick to learn that we’re not from around these parts. Instead, we can be found in any given wine region, around the world, often per the request of a client or new event. The byproduct of this dreamy little adventure is that we’ve become “experts” in choosing accommodations. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve unexpectedly become very well versed in describing poorly designed shower fixtures, overly designed bedding complete with 5,000 pillows and scant outlet availability for the tech-obsessed among us (tip: bring a power strip). Consequently, on the rare occasion that I can choose my lodgings, […]

Please Name Me!! Newest Addition to the Catavino Family

Today, we would like to announce a brand new addition to the Catavino family. It has a crooked tail, large feet, black fur, piercing gray eyes and zero paw-eye coordination. And no, it’s not a troll, or an ewok (though that would be cool), or a spider monkey (on my future list however!). It’s 1 month old kitten. The kitten was found online and collected just north of Barcelona along a coastal frontage road in Mataro. The adoption process, albeit a bit sketchy, with me climbing into the back of a tinted black Volkswagon Passat where a plastic container of 4 kittens were tumbling among themselves in freaked out desperation, took all of 10 minutes. And although 3 of them […]

Barcelona Restaurant Review: Komomoto – Featuring Nikkei Cuisine

Although Catavino primarily focuses on traditional Spanish cuisine, there is something to be said for featuring new and “hip” restaurants that grace our gritty and romantic city streets of Barcelona. And what better cuisine to focus on than a fusion of my two favorites: Peruvian and Japanese. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my history with Sushi restaurants, allow me to give you a short primer: I’m absolutely addicted. The addiction runs so deep, that if I even pass a sushi restaurant on the street, my stomach churns in desire, my palms sweat in anticipation and I find myself jumping up and down like a 4 year old eager to open her first present on Christmas day – […]