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Over the course of time, we have accumulated several contributors to Catavino who are interested in publishing an article or two. We are extremely appreciative of their knowledge and desire to contribute to our vast archive on Spanish and Portuguese wine; and if you're interested in sharing an article with us, please don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Port Wine Tasting

Douro Valley Wine Tours

There are many reasons to fall in love with the Douro Valley, but its unspoiled beauty and vertiginous terraced vineyards are by far at the top of the list. 

Hotel Douro Valley

Hotels in Douro Valley

Though internationally celebrated for its wines, the Douro Valley is equally acclaimed for its dramatic views, regional gastronomy and generous locals who love nothing more than to share a conversation. If you’re planning a trip to the Douro Valley Portugal, we’ve taken away some of the planning for you. Below, you’ll find our selection of …

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Douro Wine Region Tours

Douro Valley Wine Region

Having lived and worked in Portugal for over 20 years, it would be impossible for us to favor one particular region, as the entire country is worth exploring. That being said, if you love Port wine, or are interested in visiting its birthplace, then you must tour the Douro Valley. The Douro Valley is not …

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Getting to the Douro Valley from Porto and Lisbon. Picture of the Douro River by Rach Sam at Unsplash. Unsplash License.

Getting to the Douro Valley

Getting to the Douro Valley from Porto or Lisbon is actually quite simple. Besides being the main producer of Portugal’s famous Port Wine and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Douro Valley is home to an exquisite landscape created by years of traditional viticulture practices. Our guests travel from all corners of the planet to …

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Douro Valley

Of all the hidden European gems, Portugal’s Douro Valley is one of our favorites. Beyond its steep terraced vineyards, meandering Douro River, and enchanting sunlight; it also happens to be a breathtakingly beautiful wine region. Adding to its charm and scenery, the Douro Valley is a historic wine region, having produced wine for over 2,000 …

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Beyond the Tagus Part II: Gastronomic Baixo Alentejo

Just before the Holidays, I kicked off our three-part series on Portugal’s Alentejo region, with a trip to Évora. For the foodies and wine lovers among you, not to mention history buffs, this should not be missed! Today, however, we’ll be heading to the southernmost region, Baixo Alentejo, for a trip that’ll inspire the laid-back, country-living foodie …

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