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There are many reasons to fall in love with the Douro Valley, but its unspoiled beauty and vertiginous terraced vineyards are by far at the top of the list. 

Winemaking is a labor of love anywhere in the world, but perhaps nowhere more so than here in the Douro Valley. This vast, hilly area, sliced by the snaking Douro River, is the world’s oldest demarcated wine region, declared in 1756. It’s famous for its port wine but is no stranger to creating phenomenal table wines.  

For the past 20 years, we’ve been visiting, writing and working with small producers in the Douro Valley.  We’ve written a book on Portuguese wine, as well as on Northern Portuguese cuisine. We’ve championed low-intervention winemaking practices and have tried to support family-run wineries.

All this to say, we want you to have the very best experience possible while retaining the cultural and human heritage of the region. 

We offer 5 unique wine tour experiences in the Douro Valley

    Top Douro Valley Wine Tours from Porto

    Douro Valley Full Day Tour and Tasting guided by Catavino experts.

    If you’re visiting Porto and enjoy wine, we’d highly suggest taking a tour of the Douro Valley

    At Catavino, we believe in customizing our wine tours specifically to your needs. This is why every one of our tours is merely starting point to help inspire your perfect tour.

    However, there is one suggestion we strongly advise for anyone taking a day trip to the Douro to hire a private driver. 

    The trip from Porto to Douro is absolutely stunning, but it’s also long, winding and less than stellar after a long day. Unless you have accommodation in the Douro, we would highly encourage you to have someone else take the wheel so you can savor the views and conversation.

    Below, you’ll find more information on our fully customized wine tours in the Douro Valley.

    Douro Valley Full Day Tour and Tasting

    Douro Valley Kayaking Tour

    What is included: 

        • private transport with English speaking driver
        • 2 winery visits with guided wine tastings;

        • Traditional regional lunch highlighting local ingredients;

        • 1-hour leisurely boat cruise with wine.

      As one of our most popular Douro Valley tours, this option is wonderful if you have adequate time to spend in the area. You’ll start the day with an expert driver and guide who will escort you to the valley via private transportation. 

      Once you arrive, you’ll visit a Douro winery that we’ve arranged specifically based on your personal tastes and interests. 

      After your wine tasting and small group tour, you’ll enjoy a regional fare that’s been sourced locally and specifically chosen based on your dietary needs.

      The afternoon of this tour entails a relaxing small group Rabelo boat cruise along the Douro River, followed by a wine tasting at a family-run winery

      Once your Day Tour has come to an end, you’ll return to Porto in the comfort of your private transport feeling relaxed, satiated and content.  

      -> See details about this Douro Valley Full Day Tour here <-

      Douro Valley Premium Wine and Food Tour

      What is included: 

          • A private chauffeured vehicle with an English-speaking driver;

          • Exclusive visit and premium wine tasting at two world-renowned wineries;

          • Traditional lunch at a family-run restaurant;

          • Private Rabelo boat cruise along the Douro River.

        If you want to experience the best of the Douro Valley, this is your ultimate wine tour. You’ll immerse yourself in both the landscapes and wine of the region while dining at a quaint family-run bistro tucked into the narrow streets of Ervedosa

        The day begins with a private driver picking you up at your hotel and escorting you on a scenic drive to the Douro Valley.

        Upon arrival at the first winery, where some of the country’s finest wine and port are produced, you’ll enjoy a private tasting and tour. 

        Lunch will be served soon after at the local restaurant mentioned; where the mother-daughter team will gladly fill your plates with seasonal Portuguese delicacies that have been sourced locally. 

        Finally, you’ll enjoy a private boat cruise with a cultural guide who will pair their talk with a premium wine. You’ll also tour the vineyard where the wine was produced just above the River Tavora before being driven back to Porto.

        This tour is idyllic for those who are looking for a curated experience that is exclusively focused on their needs.

        -> See details about this Douro Valley Premium Tour here <-


        Douro Valley Winery visit and wine tasting tour guided by Catavino´s certified wine experts

        What is included: 

            • Accommodation suggestions, with multiple options;

            • Tours and Experiences that match your interests;

            • Restaurants based on what you love to eat;

            • Activities off the beaten path;

            • Logistics and transport suggestions.

          For a truly bespoke wine tour, Catavino offers an itinerary planning service to make your trip to the Douro Valley even more memorable.

          Our expert team crafts one-day or multi-day experiences focused on your specific interests and needs.

          Whether you wish to arrange a Douro Valley and northern Portugal wine-tasting tour or a romantic weekend trip for you and your partner, we will organize every detail on your behalf. 

          We work closely with you to understand the specific sights that are of interest, what types of wine you’d like to sample, your dietary and food preferences, as well as travel arrangements and even accommodation suggestions if you’d like to stay overnight whilst visiting from another area of Portugal.

          -> See details about this Itinerary Planning Service here <-

          You can learn more about our tour itinerary planning service by watching our custom tour video below. You’ll get a preview of the sights you can expect to experience as well as the amazing, main attraction – the vineyards and wine: 

          Best Wine Tours in Porto

          A Wine tasting experience in the Douro Valley is one of the best day trip experiences from your base in Porto. Though you will need to travel to the area, different options are available to make the most of your time there. We’ve included details of our wine tours in Porto below.

          Exclusive Portuguese Wine Tasting

          Douro wine Tour

          What is included: 

              • Taste 6 Portuguese wines in Catavino’s wine shop with a wine expert;

              • Regional nibbles to keep your palate in shape;

              • Open Q&A to help you plan your wine drinking in Portugal;

              • Receive a discount on any wines purchased in our retail shop called, theLAB.

            If you’re coming to Porto, this is a great opportunity to orient yourself to  Portuguese wine, history, and culture. We customize each and every tasting specifically to your desires ensuring that your next meal will be paired with a Portuguese wine that matches your palate.

            After the tasting, you’ll have plenty of time to ask specific questions or take advantage of Portugal’s lax corkage policies to purchase wines from our wine shop “theLAB” which features low-intervention Portuguese wine.

            -> See details about this exclusive Portuguese Wine Tasting here <-

            Port Wine Tasting Tour

            Port wine tasting

            What is included: 

                • Expert Port Wine Guide and native English speaker;

                • 30-minute call with your expert guide to fully customize your experience;

                • Private and fully customized Port Wine Tasting and Walking Tour through Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

              This private Port Wine tasting tour celebrates the distinct styles and flavors of Portugal’s famed port wine. You will be accompanied every step of the way by your certified wine expert who will personalize your experience just for you.

              Your expert guide will get to know what you like and suggest the best ports and wines for you to try. You’ll also be guided on food pairings that are customized for you only.

              Not only is this tour one of the most immersive in terms of Portuguese culture but you’ll also learn about the production of the infamous wines and ports too. 

              -> See details about this Port Wine Tasting Tour service here <-

              Why the Douro Valley?

              Douro Valley Porto Portugal

              Of all the wine regions in the world, the Douro Valley is in one word spectacular. Not just for the stunning vistas and beautiful wines but for the fascinating stories, family-centric culture, and endless warmth of the locals here who will welcome you with open arms (and a glass of fine wine or port). 

              Getting to the Douro Valley from Porto and Lisbon is entirely possible with the help of our expert team. We will take care of every aspect of your tour and recommend the best custom tour option for you and your group.

              There is no detail we haven’t considered to ensure that your visit is remarkable from start to finish. Contact Catavino today to book your wine-tasting experience.

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              Since 2005, Catavino has been exploring the Iberian Peninsula
              looking for the very best food and wine experiences.

              Since 2005, Catavino has been exploring the Iberian Peninsula looking for the very best food and wine experiences.

              Catavino is the best place to learn about travel, food
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