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Latest entries about paella

How the Moors Influenced Spanish Cuisine

written by Sam Zucker | 23rd March 2015

With every bite of their Sunday paella, Spanish families—whether they realize it or not–are paying homage to the old Moorish kingdom of Al-Ándalus, one of the greatest civilizations that Iberia has ever known. How did this relationship evolve? It began in the year 711 C.E, when the Moors soundly defeated the post-Roman Visigothic Christian rulers of the land that...

Must Try Super Bowl Appetizers with a Spanish Flare!

written by Sam Zucker | 28th January 2015

Football in New England and football in Barcelona don’t really see eye to eye. Both teams have their fanatic fans and both sports are filled with epic moments of glory and bitter moments of defeat, but in Spain there are always two questions: “Do people really watch the Super Bowl just for the adverts? and why is it called...
Private Vejer de la Frontera, Andalusia


Andalucia: Spanish Cooking Course

This relaxing 7 day tour is not only for those who adore food, but for anyone who needs a...

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Private Barcelona


Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

On this four hour Barcelona Cooking Class and Market Tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to ease your way into...

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Private Ronda & Seville


Seville Food & Wine Experience

If one truly wants to experience the flavor of Spain, the southern region of Andalucía embodies every aspect of your wildest...

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Portugal’s Arroz Carolino: The Native Rice of Portuguese Gastronomy

written by Andrea Smith | 24th September 2014

When I moved to Portugal, I was dumbfounded by the amount of rice I consumed. Why? Because rice is absolutely everywhere! Not only that, the Portuguese are the largest consumers of rice in Europe, savoring 15 – 16 kilos per capita a year, compared with the 4 – 5 kilo European average. Unbeknown to many, Portugal cultivates two main varieties of rice:...

Sunny and Special Chiringuitos: The Best Beachside Dining in Barcelona

written by Sam Zucker | 28th July 2014

First things first: Barcelona is NOT a city where you can walk into any random restaurant and expect an “at least decent” meal. Yes, this food Mecca is full of amazing cuisine, culture, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation; however, it’s also full of businesses (restaurants and otherwise) that are operated with the sole purpose of capturing tourist dollars by selling...

Top 20 Gastronomic Gems In Barcelona

written by Sam Zucker | 25th November 2013

The idea of creating a list of ‘the best’ of anything can often incite passionate debate bordering on fanaticism, so lets view this a list of ‘things not to be missed”—a list of my 20 food and drink treasures in Barcelona, and where to look for them! ¡Buen provecho! Patatas Bravas —Elsa y Fred A warm, welcoming ‘“gastro bar” run...

The Perfect Trifecta: Arroz Caldo, Spanish Rose and White Sandy Beaches

written by Gabriella Opaz | 23rd August 2010

It is close to impossible to visit Barcelona and not take the short jaunt south to Sitges, where you can bask in the stunning blue waters and grand villas of this small but bustling Catalan town. Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, festive gay ambiance, Film Festival and Carnival –  it’s a place of stunning beauty and incredible food. I...
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